We suggest that you focus only on the game of blackjack, a card game that has often been the subject of many cinematographic works or which appears quite often on television. So let’s find out together which blackjack player you are or would be if you embark on the adventure of the game.
There is a Star player.
He is also called the “Hall of Fame” player. Even if some professional players have forever marked the history of blackjack, it must be admitted that they do not have the notoriety of sports stars, cinema or popular singers. But you should know, however that blackjack is a card game par excellence, a bit like poker, and which also has its pantheon of the best players. The players who are inducted each year into this “Hall of Fame” are most often true followers who undoubtedly excel in this game; but who also contributed to it culturally. Most of the time, this category of blackjack players brings together players who are strongly interested in culture and history and in blackjack in general.
There is also a statistician player.
The first thing we can say about this type of player is that he is a fairly recurring figure in the main events of this game, a bit like Edward O. Thorp, the one who is somehow considered the Father of Blackjack.
The statistician player is a blackjack player who has rather particular faculties through a spirit pushed for mathematics. In short, you will easily understand, we are talking about the experts in card counting.
He is a player who has an excellent memory and who particularly appreciates figures of all kinds. He takes pleasure and proves to be really efficient at calculating probabilities. But what is really incredible with this type of player with a lively and trained mind is that he is just as capable of inventing his own game systems. He is, therefore, a formidable opponent in blackjack, capable of putting these own systems into practice in full play. This is one of the reasons why we can only advise you to be wary of this category of players, even if they are difficult to spot … at the beginning …
There is also a daring player.
Among the blackjack player, there is also a category that should not be overlooked in part. It is the reckless bettor who, like aggressive poker players, is generally the most feared by his opponents. This is a person who plays with determination and above all dynamism, never seeming fragile as if the money involved was only a drop in the ocean of wealth that awaits them on their account in the bank; although this is not often the case. It is, therefore, for this reason, that this player is not really afraid of usually making big bets on the table. You will easily recognize them, and you will simply identify with them if, like these players, you love to provoke your opponents while having no fear of losing your money.
We can easily say that this kind of player is undoubtedly a group of people who passionately love to indulge in blackjack. But like all enthusiasts, they have a weak point, which lies in the fact that they very often take unconscious risks. These are initiatives that can sometimes make them drastically lose the game and especially all their money. So be very careful if you think you belong to this category of player.

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